It’s easy being green: Reduce your operating expenses and receive a tax credit

Are you ready to go green? Momentum Solar specializes in reducing your operating costs with our energy efficient, innovative solar technology for business. We are committed to teaching you about the benefits of converting to renewable energy – beyond just being green. Your clients will appreciate your willingness to benefit your community and society, and you can receive a 30% federal tax credit. The financial benefits don’t stop there. You could:


  • Receive a depreciation allowance. You can even deduct up to 85% of the asset from your taxes.
  • Increase the value of your commercial property.
  • Decrease your operating, maintenance, and energy costs. Solar power is efficient, cost effective, and we include repairs in our contract with you.

Additional state incentives will vary by state.

The Momentum Solar Difference

Momentum Solar isn’t just a company, we’re a group of people that believes deeply in the benefits of green power. We go above and beyond to educate and prepare you for a lifetime of renewable energy. Lower your operating costs with solar, and reduce your energy costs. Let’s get started now. [link]

The Momentum Solar difference isn’t just about our people. We value your time, and work with complete transparency. We’re not in the selling business, we’re in the telling business. Our guiding principle is educating you about the economic and societal benefits of making the switch to solar power.

The financial perks of going solar

The people of Momentum Solar work hard to ensure you are immediately and positively impacted by committing to renewable energy sources. It’s not just about going green—it’s about your bottom line. Momentum Solar for business means:

  • Free installation of your custom solar panels and entire solar system
  • Free 24-hour solar system monitoring
  • You can see a complete ROI in less than three years
  • Repairs at no cost to you with our worry-free maintenance policy

Tax credits and other fiduciary incentives

Increase trust with your customers while seeing a measurable ROI

Today’s consumers are motivated by humanitarianism and they may be more drawn to your products or services if they see you are, too. Increase the amount of trust your customers can invest in you when you choose renewable energy and solar technology for your power source. When you go solar with Momentum for Business, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint in a measurable way that we encourage you to share with your customers. While doing your part for the environment, you are also making a profitable investment for your company.

What are you waiting for? Call Momentum toll-free today at 888-MOMENTUM or contact us online. We are ready to take your call.