November 18, 2016

The solar boom throughout the United States is widely-known. While New Jersey and Massachusetts are leading New York on the East Coast for PV installed, the Empire State is gaining Momentum and ranking 7 on the list with enough solar now to power 136,000 homes.

The number is expected to grow significantly within the next year in NYC alone. Solar projects increased by almost 1000% just in the last four years with over 3,000 projects approved by the NYC Department of Buildings in comparison to a small 250 in 2012. With Queens and Staten Island making up more than 75% of the permits issued to install in those last four years, and permits in Brooklyn increasing five-fold, statistics suggest that renewable energy has increased popularity with small business owners.

A lot of this increase in solar adoption can be attributed to the price of solar falling. Producing cleaner energy while lowering energy bills is proving to be a deciding factor for building owners – going green is something that is almost unanimous – and it’s being made more and more feasible. As of 2015 there were 6,000 homes within the City that have solar-power, which is less than 1% of all the buildings in the five boroughs — imagine the possibilities!

Solar stats for New York state:

*Over 800 MW of total solar installed

*3,000 MW of installations projected by 2022

*Projections should move New York from #7 to #5 nationwide over the next 5 years

*Over 8,000 workers are employed in the industry

*Solar capacity has increased by 65% just in the last year


Top 10 solar states:

1. California

2. Arizona

3. North Carolina

4. New Jersey – (see Solar NJ)

5. Nevada

6. Massachusetts

7. New York

8. Hawaii

9. Colorado

10. Texas