Momentum Solar Referral Program

Are you:

  • Saving money on your energy costs?
  • Reducing your carbon footprint?
  • Learning how solar panels work?
  • Happy with your solar lease or purchase?
  • On the cutting edge of the renewable energy field?

Then share your success with solar! If you’re happy saving money and making the switch to innovative solar technology, we encourage you to spread the word about going green. Our simple referral program makes it easy to show others how to do their part to preserve the environment. And you’ll make $500 doing it.

You make our days brighter!

And we want to brighten yours, too. That’s why we’ve implemented a referral program to encourage you to share your solar success story with you friends, family, and colleagues. Business owners, happy customers, and solar enthusiasts alike can help us by recommending any of your customers, family, or friends to Momentum Solar. We’ll pay you $500 for each completed solar installation. Fill out this form to spread the sunshine and become a solar ambassador today.