Solar is Contagious (The Good Kind)

October 19, 2016

As we enter Flu season, we know the word ‘contagious’ holds a negative connotation. But what about reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Lowering our carbon footprint? Creating a better environment for future generations?
In the first half of 2016 alone, a new solar panel installation was completed every 82 seconds (roughly 1,000 installations each day). Think about your day-to-day routine – what do you do in 82 seconds? Brew a pot of coffee? Get dressed?  Make a sandwich?
Enough solar is installed in the U.S. now to power 6.2 million homes – which is the equivalent of planting over 221 million trees and offsetting over 64 billion miles driven by the average vehicle. It took about 40 years to reach the current total of 1.1 million systems installed, and we’ll be already reaching 2 million by 2018. While it was slow to adapt, solar power became an explosive form of consumer energy since the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) was implemented in 2006.
Want to ‘catch’ some solar? See if you qualify and then hop on this renewable bandwagon!