Realtor Referral Network

You’ve studied, you’ve passed the test, you’ve worked hard to build relationships, and you’ve marketed yourself as a professional in your field. You’ve spent time and money, you’ve taken your prospective buyer to more than a few homes, you’ve negotiated the deal, you’ve closed the deal, and you’ve earned your commission. Now what? 

Unfortunately, now you’re out of business again until the next new transaction takes place. In many cases the opportunity to earn additional income from your previous hard work is gone!

Enter Momentum’s Realtor Referral Network.

Momentum Solar would like to help you to revisit your past clients with a WIN-WIN opportunity. We’re helping homeowners throughout NJ and NY save thousands of dollars in energy costs by enrolling in our $0-out-of-pocket solar energy programs. Many of those very same homeowners were once your clients, and until now, you had no way of earning additional income from your past real estate transactions.

Momentum Solar has launched a Realtor Referral Network, allowing realtors to participate in the lucrative solar energy business. All you have to do is refer your past clients and current friends and contacts to one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the US. We will initiate contact with your referral to provide a free, no obligation solar analysis of their home. If we find that your referral is a qualified solar candidate, we will enroll them into the program. It’s that easy!

The most exciting part of the program is that we will pay our realtor member a referral fee of $500.00 for every client that enrolls and completes a solar installation on their home.

Key Benefits to You:

  • Free to join
  • Provides the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in additional income per year
  • Supports you with a dedicated lead entry website that allows you to track the status of your referrals
  • Provides marketing materials you can access to build your referral business
  • For NJ and NY partners, we offer continuing education and training programs to help you understand the resale value of residential solar
Solar realtor referral program

Terms and conditions apply, and not every homeowner or business owner will qualify. Eligibility for solar installation is determined by municipal utility, roof space, azimuth, shading and other factors. Pro Custom Solar LLC D|B|A Momentum Solar reserves the right to change this promotion any time and without notice. The referring real estate broker will receive $500 for each solar customer that is referred to Momentum Solar after the customer signs a solar system agreement with Momentum Solar, the installation is completed and all payments required to be made through completion of installation have been made. Real Estate Brokers who received $600 or more will be issued a IRS Form 1099. Recipients are responsible for all income taxes which may be associated with the referral payment. This offer is void where prohibited. © Momentum Solar 2016.

Momentum Solar is a solar installation company specializing in both residential and commercial solar power systems. We’re committed to bringing innovative solar technology to homeowners, thus enabling them to produce their own affordable energy and help preserve the environment.

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Pro Custom Solar LLC D|B|A Momentum Solar. Terms and conditions apply, and not every homeowner or business owner will qualify. Eligibility is determined by municipal utility, roof condition and roof space, azimuth, tree location, shading and other factors. © Momentum Solar 2017. Privacy policy.