Do good. Make money. Help your clients go solar.

No doubt about it: You’ve worked hard to cultivate a list of trusted friends and clients, and you’re known around town as a reputable realtor. Adding value to your clients’ lives is a rewarding part of being a realtor, and Momentum Solar’s Realtor Referral Program wants to help you do just that.

Ready to help your clients:

  • save money on their home energy costs?
  • reduce their carbon footprint?
  • learn how solar panel technology works?
  • save money with a solar lease or purchase?

do their part to preserve the environment?

Easy for you. Easier for your client.

Fill out our form for easy enrollment in our Realtor Referral Program, and you’re on your way to earning extra money while promoting green energy. Helping your clients go solar can be a lucrative business for you, but the most important part is offering your clients the freedom to do good.

You can provide your clients with the choice to go solar, and we will educate them about how affordable and sustainable solar energy really is. We will add whomever you provide to our network of folks to reach out to: Past clients, current friends, and any other contact you think would benefit from going green with solar power. We’ll be happy to initiate contact with your referral, and look forward to speaking with them about their energy options. If they’re interested in learning more about renewable energy sources and options, we can provide a free, no obligation solar analysis of their home. And if your referral’s home is qualified candidate for solar power, we can enroll them in our program. Easy for you. Easier for your client.

Benefits for Realtors

What’s in it for you?

We will pay you a referral fee of $500 for every client that enrolls and completes a solar panel installation for their home.

And if that’s not enough:

  • This program is free to join.
  • This is a great opportunity to do some good for the environment and your clients while potentially earning several thousand dollars per year.
  • We support you with a dedicated lead-entry system that allows you to keep track of your referrals online at any time.
  • You will be provided with easily accessible marketing and promotional materials that you can use at any time during or after the home purchase process.
  • If you’re in New Jersey or New York, we can provide you with continuing education and training programs so that you are a solar expert yourself!

Going solar increases potential re-sale value of a home, and we’re here to help you and your clients understand that.

Terms and conditions apply, and not every homeowner or business owner will qualify. Eligibility for solar installation is determined by municipal utility, roof space, azimuth, shading and other factors. Pro Custom Solar, LLC, DBA Momentum Solar, reserves the right to change this promotion any time and without notice.

The referring real estate broker will receive $500 for each solar customer that is referred to Momentum Solar after the customer signs a solar system agreement with Momentum Solar, the installation is completed and all payments required to be made through completion of installation have been made.

Real Estate Brokers who received $600 or more will be issued a IRS Form 1099. Recipients are responsible for all income taxes which may be associated with the referral payment. This offer is void where prohibited.

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