When a homeowner considers installing solar panels on his/her roof, it’s more than just committing to a cleaner, more affordable power source. It’s what we consider an upgrade to the home’s appearance. Solar panels of old were bigger, bulkier, and some considered them just plain ugly. “Debbie Downers” have even compared it to graphing paper,

which we all dreaded using in high school algebra. We’re here to dispute that view in 2017 as solar is taking over, with a lot more options available. You no longer have to turn your roof into an Excel spreadsheet.

As a leading provider in the business since 2009, we’ve always strived to supply long term price-protection at a competitive price, but we’re also committed to the customization of each design. Our top-tier, black-on-black panels provide you and your family the power you need, with a fresh, sleek look of the modern age. They essentially blend into your roof. When you go solar, your home is getting a complete makeover. It looks attractive while saving you money and increasing the value of your home … like upgrading from a flip phone to your first iPhone, or from a Toyota to an Audi.

For the cherry on top, it’s also been reported that solar panels can actually increase the value of your home by 3-4%. With cutting-edge technology that’s helping save the environment AND your wallet, it’s all a good conversation piece for your neighbors – we offer referral rewards too!

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