Momentum Solar Now Offers Home Solar to Tampa Residents

Momentum Solar, one of the fastest-growing home solar service providers in the nation, has announced the launch of a new office in Tampa, Florida. Momentum Solar’s Tampa office marks the company’s second location in the state, with both locations opened inside of an eight-month period. The company expects to hire over 50 new employees to support its Tampa operations.

Since July 2017, the company has helped hundreds of Floridians make the switch to low cost solar power.

“Sunshine State residents are extraordinarily well-positioned to maximize the long term savings benefits from solar power,” said CEO, Arthur Souritzidis. “We are tremendously excited to expand our solar service offering to Tampa residents and to deliver best-in-class solar components and engineering in what is quickly becoming one of the most important territories in our company.”

Momentum Solar opened its inaugural Florida office in Orlando in July 2017 and has recently expanded its full service offering to include heavily discounted roof remediation, installation and repair on homes that are qualified for home solar installation. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, there are a number of Florida homeowners still in need of these services, which has prompted the company to address a broader range of homeowner needs.

About Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is a top residential solar contractor and Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company that employs over 700 people nationwide. The owner-operated business is committed to providing savings for their customers and helping the environment by providing clean, affordable electricity to qualified homeowners. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer life cycle from enrollment through customized design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of each system to make the process simple for homeowners.

Momentum Solar Footprint in Southern California

Momentum Solar one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation and a top national solar contractor, has carefully identified Southern California as an optimal location for further West Coast expansion. Prior to extending operations further north and south, Momentum is specifically focused on Anaheim and its surrounding cities to position the business for seamless transitions into more territories.

While many solar companies have either touched down in California for a short amount of time or not at all, citing difficulty in sustaining continual growth, Momentum looks at this region as an opportunity to continue educating homeowners and business owners on the benefits of solar adoption. Offering some of the most unique and convenient perks nationwide with the persistence and dedication to always hire in-house, California homeowners largely benefit from Momentum’s customized designs and installations at a cost-effective rate.

“We welcome what other companies may see as a challenge,” said Chief Revenue Officer, Alex Sheikh. “California has always been number one for solar installation throughout the country, and Orange County and its surrounding areas are the most densely populated. We are dedicated to educating as many people as we can and to make an impact even in a state that is a senior in the industry. There are still many homeowners that do not know how easy and affordable it is to make the switch.”

Momentum Solar is known for its’ “no-strings-attached” offering — homeowners can go solar for no money out of pocket and pay a lower electric bill. Roof repairs or replacement are offered wholesale for homes that are being prepped for installation, and complimentary tree removal is offered for qualifying homes. No-obligation consultations are free and important to offer in the Golden State that is continually experiencing stress on the power grid.

“California’s energy crisis is widely known,” said Sheikh. “As rates continue to rise, we’re here to offer a solution. Homeowners can choose price protection with Momentum Solar so that they know what they will be paying tomorrow and for the next two decades.”

Momentum Solar has a strong presence in Southern California and is ready to extend their knowledge to homeowners and business on the benefits that solar energy adoption can offer.

Momentum Solar Committed to Actively Hiring Veterans

Momentum Solar, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country, is doing its part to help preserve the environment and grow the renewable industry by installing solar on qualified homes and businesses. To assist in this initiative, Momentum is committed to actively hiring veterans that want to establish a meaningful career after leaving the service.

“It’s important for us at Momentum that we strive to hire veterans,” said COO John Carfagno. “We honor them and their service every day, so we show our appreciation by providing an opportunity to launch a career in a growing industry.”

Momentum Solar ( is one of many solar installation companies that has seen significant growth since the ITC (Solar Investment Tax Credit) was implemented in 2006. Solar is becoming more affordable, and Americans continue to support the idea of a greener future. Over 200,000 people are currently employed in solar and that number is expected to double by 2020.

“This is an exciting industry and we’ve interviewed many qualified veterans, especially in the installation and lead generation fields,” said Recruiter Ryan Richter. “The result is outstanding. We’re proud to employ everyone we’ve brought on. We’ll be continuing to advertise that we’re recruiting veterans and promoting it at some career fairs this year.”

Veterans often exemplify the definition of discipline, which is an important quality in a fast-paced sales environment like solar. Momentum looks to this demographic knowing they’ll find employees that value team work with utmost enthusiasm and integrity. With the renewables industry experiencing explosive growth it’s a great opportunity for those reentering the workforce. Momentum currently employs several veterans and hiring for solar panel installation, lead generation, sales, technical proposals, site inspection, customer service, and the call center. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at

America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Momentum Solar made the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, ranking #883. Hailed by Inc. as one of the “superheroes of the U.S. economy,” Momentum Solar was also named on Solar Power World’s Top 500 North American Solar Contractors List.

“No one can deny that local companies are supporting the growth of the solar industry and the economy as a whole,” says Kathie Zipp, managing editor for Solar Power World. “Our Top Solar Contractors are the face of the industry—meeting homeowners and business leaders on doorsteps every day.”

Momentum Solar CEO Arthur Souritzidis said his company uses a model that brings solar energy to homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy lower utility bills. “Momentum is pioneering innovative solutions and unprecedented customer service in the renewable energy sector. Consumers are eager to do their part in adopting cleaner, greener energy for their homes and the environment.”

Momentum Solar harnesses solar power that reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions without any financial burdens to homeowners or business owners. In fact, 90% of Momentum customers have experienced a 100% offset of their energy bills. New Jersey is the country’s 4th largest state for residential solar, with over 267,000 homeowners using solar panels to reduce their fossil fuel energy consumption.

Momentum is committed to helping the environment by making solar energy affordable to homeowners and businesses. Their team of in-house professionals has an extensive wealth of knowledge in custom designing solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer life cycle from the initial sale to design, permitting, installation and activation of each system to make the process simple and easy for their customers.

“Our goal now is to grow our company through the customized technology and white glove services that we provide homeowners and businesses alike,” added Souritzidis. “An added benefit is that as we grow, more people are adopting natural, alternative energy. This is beneficial for our economy and environment in so many ways.”

Momentum Solar has earned a Better Business Bureau A+ rating since its founding in 2009. The company has 275 employees and expects to add another 100 employees by Q1 2017. A distinction of this solar energy company is that unlike its competitors, Momentum does not subcontract out any work when it comes to installations, thereby controlling every aspect of design, installation, and system monitoring.

Momentum Solar Celebrates Earth Day After Successful Year

For Momentum Solar, every day is Earth Day. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, the company has been dedicated to educating homeowners and business owners on the benefits of cleaner, more affordable energy since its founding in 2009. A veteran in the industry, Momentum understands the importance of making a positive impact on the environment today and for future generations, all while helping their customers save money on their monthly utility bills.

“Earth Day is an important day to acknowledge in this industry,” said CRO Alex Sheikh. “It’s always good to remind our employees and followers why we’re out here working so hard. It’s not just about sales, it’s about awareness. We are helping change the world with every new solar installation.”

The solar industry has seen steady economic growth year over year as there has been a decline in coal energy. The cleaner option continues to get more and more affordable since the initial surge in adoption when the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was implemented back in 2006. By 2016, it was reported that a new solar installation was completed every 82 seconds.

With 8 years in business, Momentum’s residential and commercial customer systems have harnessed and seen an output of about 3.3 GWh (gigawatt hours). To put the numbers in perspective for the daily consumer, that’s enough clean air to reduce over 5.5 million miles driven by the average vehicle, equated to 2.5 million pounds of coal not burned, and preserving about 18.5 acres of US forest.

Momentum Solar CEO Arthur Souritzidis

Momentum Solar, one of the fastest growing privately-owned solar companies in the nation, is pleased to announce that CEO Arthur Souritzidis has been selected by Forbes as one of their “30 Under 30 Energy” entrepreneurs. According to Forbes, Arthur stood out as one of “The Best Minds Planning How to Power Our Country” at the impressive age of 28.

The announcement of this prestigious list comes after the year that Momentum Solar was named on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies in the nation and one of Solar Power World’s Top 500 North American Solar Contractors.

“I am honored to have been named on this list among fellow energy professionals,” said Arthur. “This is an exciting accolade for me to achieve at a time when solar energy shows no signs of slowing down. I look forward to a busy and successful year for our business and teaching others about sustainability.”

Arthur joined Momentum Solar in 2010 after graduating college that same year. As an undergrad, he studied Finance in preparation for a career on Wall Street without anticipating the impending recession. He then identified solar as one of the industries showing economic growth amidst the decline, and ended up working alongside Momentum Solar Founder and President, Cameron Christensen. Arthur’s knowledge and vision helped scale the business for success, and the company ended up quadrupling their revenue in just a few months.

EDA Offers $7.2M to New Jersey Solar Firm


One of the fastest-growing solar companies in the nation is relocating its New Jersey headquarters to accommodate its 2018 expansion plans. Momentum Solar, based in Metuchen, is maintaining its operations in the Garden State after receiving a performance-based Grow New Jersey tax credit worth up to $7.2M over 10 years from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA).

The tax credit is awarded to encourage New Jersey businesses to stay and grow in the Garden State. The award supports Momentum Solar’s plans to create more than 150 new jobs in New Jersey over the next three years. The EDA has determined that the $7.2M award will boost the state economy and help sustain its local workforce. According to the EDA, the program is an incentive to “strengthen New Jersey’s competitive edge in the increasingly global marketplace.”

Momentum Solar, an owner-operated business, has been recognized for its rapid growth, having achieved nearly 200% year over year growth in executed contracts, revenue, completed installations and number of employees in 2017. To better accommodate its growth in 2018 and beyond, Momentum has mapped out plans for a new location within a 10-mile radius of the Company’s current headquarters.

“We are a national company with New Jersey roots and are excited to expand even further in 2018,” said Momentum Solar CEO and co-founder, Arthur Souritzidis. “We are committed to the communities we serve and are both proud and privileged to continue to create meaningful job opportunities in the coming years to support our rapidly growing company.”

Momentum Solar employs over 650 people nationwide, nearly 500 of which work and live in the state of New Jersey. Founded in 2009 in Edison, NJ, the Company offers home solar design, engineering and installation services in New Jersey, New York, Florida and California, with plans to more than double its geographic footprint by the end of 2018.

About Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is a top residential solar contractor and Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company that employs over 650 people nationwide. The owner-operated business is committed to providing savings for their customers and helping the environment by providing clean, affordable electricity to qualified homeowners. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer life cycle from enrollment through customized design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of each system to make the process simple for homeowners.