Solar installations have soared in recent years, with large businesses leading the way. As of 2016, some of the top corporate businesses have installed over 1 GW of solar which generates enough electricity to power 193,000 homes. Typically, when a small business owner reads about Fortune 500 companies installing solar at a large capacity, he or she may assume it’s unattainable from a financial standpoint. This way of thinking is a bit outdated — commercial solar isn’t just for corporations anymore. Businesses of all sizes are now seeking solar as a convenient way to green their operations while reducing their expenses.

Here are some key benefits of solar energy that business owners should consider:

Reduction in Operating Costs

According to marketplace data, commercial property owners can save up to 75% each month by installing a system. Going solar will nearly eliminate your electric bill, and you’ll pay able to sell credits back to the utility company if your system overproduces.

Return on Investment

Not only will you reduce your overall operational expenses month to month, but with the initial upfront investment your business will then receive:

· 30% federal tax credit

· Depreciation allowance deducting up to 85% of the asset from your taxes

· Additional state incentives (which vary by location)

· A potential increase in the value of your commercial property

These perks help Momentum Solar commercial customers receive a return on investment in under 3 years. It makes a lot of sense from a financial standpoint and will help put more money back into your business.

Worry-free maintenance

After the system is installed and activated, there will be little to no maintenance needed. All solar agreements come with complimentary maintenance and 24/7 monitoring so that we can identify and repair any system issues should they arise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Greening” your company not only helps you save a decent amount of money, but it’s also a great marketing tool as you are showing that you are conscious of how your operating impact the world around you. As a business owner, being environmentally responsible by generating energy efficiently sends a great message to your customers. To put it in perspective, Momentum Solar is projected to be annualizing around 40 MW of solar installed this year, which is equivalent to:

· Recycling 10,705 tons of waste

· Planting 276,338 trees

· Saving 3.2M gallons of oil

· Offsetting 17,998 tons of coal

Ultimately, solar should be considered by any business. Momentum is here to help you implement greener business operations that help benefit society. Visit for more information.

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