Solar Is Phasing out Power Plants – Here’s Why

Solar Is Phasing out Power Plants – Here’s Why

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Solar Is Phasing out Power Plants – Here’s Why

A common misconception about renewable energy is that it’s not affordable. Cost savings is high up on the priority list for the average consumer — especially if it results in a financial agreement. While recognizing the importance of lowering our carbon footprint, it’s only smart to market this ‘greener future’ as an option that homeowners and business owners can benefit from.With the home solar boom of the last few years, prices have been steadily falling and enabling homeowners to save money while generating cleaner power. Programs like the US Department of Energy’s “SunShot Initiative” have been funding research devoted to lowering the cost of solar-generated electricity, and have been succeeding. (The SunShot goal is $1 per watt installed by 2020). Government and state incentives have also allowed installation companies to sell solar power systems for no money out-of-pocket. All the customer has to do is pay less for energy, provided that the home or business qualifies.

Let’s backtrack for a moment. The reality is that the US is one of many nations reliant on the current energy structure. One of the ultimate goals of renewable energy growth is phasing out dirtier energy sources, however, and it’s been reported that it’s even cheaper than maintaining aging nuclear plants. Nuclear power is the dangerous energy of yesterday, and yesterday’s machinery needs consistent upkeep.facebooktwittergoogle-plusinstagramlinkedin

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