Trust in Our Comprehensive Solar Plans

Concierge Service

From drafting your final blueprint to filing paperwork and securing permits, you can count on us to provide the professional support you need.

All Inclusive Protection

All inclusive protection gives you the ease of mind and eliminates the need to spend out of pocket.

System Monitoring

Enjoy personal system monitoring with Momentum Solar’s App for your newly installed solar panel system without any hassle or spending out of pocket.

Lease Your Own Solar Panels with No Upfront Cost

Are you looking to go solar with zero hassle? When you choose to lease your panel system from Momentum Solar, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your cleaner, price-protected energy production. Homeowners who decide to lease receive worry-free maintenance and monitoring to ensure their system is always functioning optimally.

Predict the Price

With Momentum Solar, you have the access to long-term price predictability so that you know what you will be paying today, tomorrow and the next 20 years. Can your utility company say the same?

Solar Lease vs. Solar PPA – Let’s Compare

Leasing your solar system essentially allows you to rent your panels while the solar company handles the maintenance, repair and monitoring of your system. With a solar PPA, instead of paying to “rent” the solar panel system, you agree to purchase the power generated by the system at a set per-kWh price.

The many Benefits of Going Solar

One of the biggest motivators for families making the switch is the savings they experience by the reduction of their monthly utility bill. But wait, there’s more… literally. Not only will you increase savings, you can increase the value of your home and help the environment.

Service Areas

With services areas located across the country in CA, CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA and TX, our team is always available and ready to help.

Other Ways to Go Solar

Solar PPA

Get solar panels, installation, and maintenance on us. Plus, potentially pay a lower rate than your local utility with a Power Purchase Agreement.

Plan Details

Solar Purchase

Purchase your solar panels outright and get immediate savings on your power bill. Not to mention potential tax credits and incentives, and an increase in your home’s value.

Plan Details

Solar Loan

Owning solar panels is finally affordable. With a solar loan you may buy your panels over time, save money on power, and possibly see an increase in your home’s value.

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Find Out if Switching to Solar is Right for You

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