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We can’t claim all of the credit—the sun does most of the work! Thousands of Momentum Solar customers have selected and trusted us with their solar installations, and have turned their sunny roofs into electricity savings. But now we’ll let them do the talking.

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The Veiga Family – New Jersey

“We’re growing more trees because of us going solar. I’m really happy because we’re saving more money and helping the environment by helping more trees grow.”

Zach – Texas

“Coming from a background in construction, I wanted every wire to be perfect, and everything squared, conduit straight. Momentum nailed every facet of that.”

Michael – Florida

“We wanted to save money and do something that’s good for the environment. I went with Momentum because of the products and services they offer, the pricing and ultimately our salesman.”

Austria – New Jersey

“Thanks to Momentum and the savings I’m getting, I can spend more money on things I’d put off for later. I don’t know exactly what but I know it’ll be good things for my house.”

The Wdowiaks – Florida

“We just get our first bill and it was only $30. That’s your money or your children’s money to spend as you wish. We really can’t tell you how happy we are.”

John – New Jersey

“Customer experience I had at Momentum Solar was exceptional. Everyone I’ve talked to has been very helpful and if I had a question, they would seek to answer my question and I was very happy with them!”

Bob – Florida

“The reputation of the company had a lot to do with it, the 25 yr warranty with service included was really important to me because I didn’t want to have to start paying for labor down the road.”

Tom – New Jersey

“I’ll be saving about $70 per month. Well, $70 a month gives me the opportunity to really spoil my grandchildren!”

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There has never been a better time to switch to solar!