Your System Is Now Energized.

You’re now producing cleaner more affordable, renewable energy!

What to Expect After Activation?

  • Cheaper, Cleaner Green Energy
  • A Personalized Solar Monitoring Platform
  • Momentum Solar White Glove Customer Experience
  • The Momentum Full-Service Guarantee
  • The Momentum Family Referral Program

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Our exclusive microinverter supplier features a complementary monitoring software, Enphase MyEnlighten, that you can use to track your solar energy production from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You’ll be able to ensure your system is functioning optimally and view how many kilowatt-hours you are producing every day.

What is MyEnlighten?

MyEnlighten is the monitoring experience built specifically for the system owners, like you. Delivering at-a-glance verification, MyEnlighten gives you the assurance that your Solar Energy System is performing as expected.

What Can I Do with MyEnlighten?

– Easily verify your system’s health and performance.
– View your energy production by month, day, or hour.
– Analyze your performance against historical weather data.
– Share your performance information on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

MyEnlighten Introduction

Watch the videos below to learn the basics about your MyEnlighten monitoring platform.

Get the app today at the App Store or Google Play Store today.

Do You Have Any Further Questions?

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