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Go Solar Today – Why Wait?

The Momentum Guarantee:

We will install your system within 50 days of program enrollment.
  • If we can’t install your system we’ll pay you $10 per day until your panels are installed.
  • If your system is installed in less than 50 days, you’ll receive $100.*

Switch to solar by August 31, 2018 to be eligible for this exclusive promotion.

See if you qualify before this exclusive promotion expires. Don’t wait!

*Payable upon completion of installation.

Subject to homeowner availability and cooperation with scheduled installation dates. Eligibility for solar installation is determined by local utility, roof space, azimuth, shading and other factors. Pro Custom Solar D|B|A LLC Momentum Solar reserves the right to cancel or change this promotional offer any time and without notice. Homeowners that sign a solar agreement between August 8, 2018 and August 31, 2018 are eligible for the Momentum Why Wait? promotion and will receive $10.00 per day if Momentum Solar does not complete the installation by day 50 after the solar agreement is signed. If the system is installed in less than 50 days, homeowner will receive a $100 check. This offer is void where prohibited. © Momentum Solar 2018. HIC # – NJ: 13V0553900; NYC: 2042828-DC; Suffolk CTY, NY: 57578-H; Yonkers, NY: 6632; Nassau CTY: H2410050000; CA: 1026366; FL: CVC57036; PA: PA131435; MA: 192204; CT: 646323. TX Electrical Contractor’s License #: 31915.